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Sail into the annals of history with the Mil-Blox WWII Iowa Class Battleship set. This meticulously designed model, featuring 1712 blocks, allows you to build a highly detailed replica of the formidable Iowa Class Battleship, renowned for its powerful armament and pivotal role in World War II. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors, this set captures the essence of one of the most iconic battleships in naval history.


  • Detailed Battleship Model: Construct a precise and intricate replica of the Iowa Class Battleship, capturing its iconic design and historical significance.
  • Engaging Building Experience: With 1712 pieces, this set offers a rewarding building process, ideal for those who enjoy detailed models and intricate construction.
  • Rotating Turrets: The battleship features rotating turrets, enhancing the realism and interactive play experience.
  • High-Quality Design: Made from durable, mold-injected ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting quality and compatibility with other leading block brands.


  • Number of Pieces: 1712
  • Weapons/Accessories: Rotating turrets


  • Development: The Iowa Class Battleships were developed in the early 1940s, designed to meet the needs of fast carrier task forces. They combined speed, heavy armor, and powerful armament, making them a formidable force in naval warfare.
  • Role: These battleships served in various theaters during World War II, providing naval gunfire support for amphibious landings, engaging enemy ships, and protecting aircraft carriers. They continued to serve in subsequent conflicts, including the Korean War and Operation Desert Storm.
  • Significance: The Iowa Class Battleships are among the most famous and powerful battleships ever built, symbolizing American naval strength. Their design and capabilities have left a lasting legacy in naval engineering and military history.

Whether for display, play, or education, the WWII Iowa Class Battleship from Mil-Blox offers an unparalleled building experience. Embrace the challenge and add this exceptional model to your collection today.

SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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