Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound - Mil-Blox


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Create the ultimate military outpost with the Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound. This comprehensive Mil-Blox set includes everything you need to establish a strategic stronghold. With 10 Valor Guard Mil-Blox figures, a humvee, a dirt bike, fencing with barbed wire, sandbags, heavy weapons, light arms, and various accessories, this set offers endless possibilities for immersive and action-packed play.

Take command of the battlefield with the included Valor Guard figures. Each highly detailed figure is equipped with realistic weapons and gear, ready to defend the compound and execute crucial missions. With a diverse range of poses and customizable options, you can create dynamic scenes and scenarios that bring your military adventures to life.

The set features a sturdy humvee, perfect for transportation and reconnaissance missions. Whether you need to secure the perimeter or engage in high-speed pursuits, this versatile vehicle is up to the task. Additionally, the dirt bike provides swift mobility for rapid response and scouting operations, ensuring your Valor Guard team can navigate any terrain with ease.

Enhance the defensive capabilities of your base with the included fencing, complete with realistic barbed wire. Set up sandbags for additional cover and fortification, creating a formidable stronghold against enemy forces. The set also includes an arsenal of heavy weapons, light arms, and various accessories to equip your figures for combat and specialized roles.

Immerse yourself in realistic military scenarios as you plan strategic operations, execute daring rescues, and defend your base against hostile forces. With the Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound, you have all the elements necessary to create epic battles and heroic missions.


  • Comprehensive Mil-Blox set featuring the Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound
  • Includes 10 Valor Guard Mil-Blox figures and humvee for immersive play
  • Features a humvee and a dirt bike for transportation and scouting missions
  • Fencing with barbed wire and sandbags enhance the defensive capabilities of the base
  • Comes with a wide range of heavy weapons, light arms, and accessories
  • Encourages imaginative play, strategic thinking, and teamwork

Step into the world of military action with the Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound. Unleash your creativity, plan tactical operations, and lead your Valor Guard figures to victory. Build, customize, and defend your base with this thrilling Mil-Blox set.

        SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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        Beth Eaton
        Valor Guard Forward Operating Base Compound

        Purchased for my grandson for a Christmas gift. Not sure yet with thoughts on quality, etc., but shipping was fast! Can’t believe all those pieces fit in the box it arrived in! I will jump back on after he receives the Base Compound for a more thorough review.