1. Do you offer a Law Enforcement or Military Discount?

Answer: Yes.  Go to the "Contact Us" page and email us your name, agency / service, and a copy of your credentials or send a written request on departmental letterhead.  We offer a 10% discount site wide (not cumulative with other $/% promotions. Sorry.)


2. Are there dealer / bulk purchase pricing?

Answer: Yes.  Depending upon volume we do offer reduced pricing for dealers and bulk purchases.  For dealers we offer special pricing or a consignment program.  Email us for more information.


3. Are your suits tailored or off the shelf?

Answer: Currently all of our suits are tailor made.  Once we receive your order we will email you a sizing form and color options.


4. What does the sizing form consist of?

Answer: The sizing form will record your measurements for our tailors.  WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GET PROFESSIONALLY SIZED.  We also ask you send us a few pictures (front, back, side profile, and duty gear),  This will assist our tailors in making your suit,


5. After I send my measurements / photos, and select my color, what's next?

Answer: Our tailors will review your measurements / photos and will determine if additional measurements are required or if there are any questions.  If all the measurements are good, then we will start to work on your suit.


6. How long does it take to get my tailored suit?

Answer: On average it takes about 6-8 weeks from the time of ordering to arrival.  This includes manufacturing time and quality assurance checks.  Due note due to holidays or national emergencies (Covid for example) these timelines can be longer.  OCONUS, APO / FPO, and overseas shipments can take longer.  We strive to get product out quicker whenever possible, but we are a small business at the moment and quality takes time.


7. Are your suits warrantied?

Answer: Yes.  We will replace articles of clothing for any defect in the workmanship of the product up to one year.  This includes stitching failure due to a stitching issue, defects in materials, and anything due to a manufacturing error.


8. What happens if my suit doesn't fit?

Answer: We strive our best to make our suits to your measurements, however there can be times something is off.  If this is the case, please let us know immediately.  We try to leave enough fabric to make alterations, so we urge customers to see a local tailor to make any alterations for proper fit and we will reimburse the cost with store credit up to $100.  If alterations are more than $100 we will exchange your suit for a new one.  Please not if the measurements provided to us were incorrect, we will still try to work with you on a solution, but we must stress our tailor can only go off of what was provided.  We highly encourage customers to get measured by a tailor for the most accurate measurements.  This has to be within 30 days of receipt.


9. Are your products Made in the USA?

Answer: Yes / No.  We are a veteran / law enforcement owned company based in the USA.  Whenever possible our products are made in the USA, however some of our products are made in Asia.  We would absolutely love to have all our products made in the USA, but unfortunately due to economic reasons and wanting to give our customers the best prices, it's not economically feasible at this time.  When we work with our foreign manufactures we ensure products are made to our standard of quality and we always order an example and test it before offering it on our site.  If the product fails our testing we work with the manufacture to correct the issue or find another manufacture that can meet our high standards.  Finally, all of our product undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process in the USA by us before being sent to the customer.  As we grow and expand business it is our ultimate goal is to make all of our product here in the good ol' USA and in-house if possible.


10. Do you ship overseas?

Answer: Yes.  Shipping prices for overseas shipping varies based on the weight of goods ordered and country.  Email us with your country for more exact pricing.  FPO/APO goes through USPS to your base post office.


11. What if I have a suggestion for a design feature?

Answer: We are always looking for ways to improve our products and are interested in your feedback to better improve ourselves.  If you have a custom request (color, material, cut, etc), let us know.  It might cost a little extra, but we'll do our best to facilitate your request.


12. What is your return policy?

Answer: Custom tailored suits are not refundable, however we will replace any article that has a defect, see warranty above.  For non-custom products we offer a 30 day refund / exchange policy.  If you don't like our product or want something else, send it back.  Email us your invoice number and what product you're looking to return and we'll send you a shipping label.  Damaged or soiled articles of clothing will not be accepted.  If you're unsure, email us your issue and we will do our best to assist you.