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Our custom PVC and embroidered patches are the perfect way to showcase your brand, organization, or design. Made from high-quality materials, these patches are durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Our PVC patches are made from a flexible, waterproof material and feature vibrant, full-color designs. These patches are perfect for outdoor and rugged use, and can be easily attached to any loop surface with Velcro backing.

Our embroidered patches are made with thread and are perfect for a more traditional look. These patches are stitched with precision, ensuring that your design is accurately reproduced and that the patch is durable enough to last a long time. You have your choice of a sealed backing suitable for sew on applications or velcro backed.

Both of these patches are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs. Whether you need patches for uniforms, gear, or promotional items, our custom patches are an excellent way to display your message and make a lasting impression.
All of our custom patches are made to order, and we can work with you to create a design that perfectly represents your brand, team, or organization. You can provide us with your own design, logo or artwork and we can create a patch that will be unique and special for you.

Interested in a custom patch for your unit, agency, company or just yourself?  Well we have you covered and as we are a Law Enforcement / Veteran owned company we know the importance of a quality as this represents you and your organization.  Below are the steps and information about the types of patches we offer.


Step 1: Provide What You're Looking For

Please fill out the information below and describe in the "Notes / Comments" section what you're looking for.  This will allow us to ensure the patch meets your needs.  Please note PVC patches require a mold and while most companies charge a mold fee, it is included in our price.


Step 2: Your Design

Next we need to do is get your image or logo. 

If you have a logo/image already or just a a sketch on a napkin, we got you covered.  You can upload it after you filled out the specifications fields below or describe your design in the "Notes / Comments" section.  We have a designer on staff that can take your sketch and make it reality or if you want to improve on an exisiting design we can do that too.  You have unlimited revisions until a final design is agreed upon.  If you choose to go with our designer we provide hi-res images for your use and a vector file (used with Adobe design tools).  We charge $40 for a complete logo design and $20 to $30 for altering an existing logo/image. 


Step 2: The Draft

Once the design is finalized we will provide you a draft of what the patch will look like.

Step 3: Patch Layout

After you approve the initial draft we will provide you with a specification sheet draft (Below is an example of a PVC and embroidered patch).


Step 4: Production

Once you approve the spec sheet production starts and takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks for most orders.  For PVC patches the mold will be made at this time as well.  Orders of more than 500 patches can take a little bit longer.


Step 5: Quality Assurance / Shipping

When the patches are finished we'll do a quality assurance review to make sure there are no defects from the factory and will send you a photo of the final product.

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    Frank McCarthy
    Belated thanks

    I work for a small federal OIG and finding a company to make a small number of patches was a chore. Fortunately, a good friend recommended Tactically Suited, and they made it happen. The process was simple and the quality exceptional .