Our Suit Features

Material / Construction:

These are all the features that make our suits unique. All of our suits are made of Super 180 wool for bespoke suits with full canvas and Super 120 wool for pre-sized.  Our Women's suits use a wool / polyester blend for a stretch fabric.  These fabrics are durable, light weight, and made for all seasons.

Our Pants:

Pant Pockets:

Our pant pockets are designed to give optimal access to your pockets without your gear getting in the way.  All these pockets are deep and the front pockets have a hidden interior pocket sized for a knife, magazine, or flashlight.


Waist Band

Our waistband is lightly padded for comfort and stress reduction. The waistband is quad stitched for durability and has a shirt keeper band to help keep your shirt tucked.

Our belt loops are wider and longer to accommodate thicker pistol belts up to 1 1/2". The belt loop stitching and construction is designed for the utmost durability.



All of our suits are double and triple stitched throughout the suit at optimal point ot ensure durability, mobility, and quality.


Our Jacket:

Longer Jacket for Better Concealment

Jacket Pockets

Our jackets feature full sized deep pockets on our Men's and Women's suits.  This includes:

- Two upper, one lower for Men's

- Two upper, below breast line for Women's

- Outer pockets are functional (one over left pectoral, two lower)

Our jacket feature a removable morale patch section near the internal pockets as well.




Flexible Internal Shoulders

Our jackets have a flexible material in the shoulders to allow for greater mobility and movement. No more will your arms be constrained when drawing your weapon and getting into proper stance.