About Us

Tactically Suited is a specialty clothing retailer created to supply durable, long lasting, and specially designed apparel, leather goods and gear for law enforcement, private security, and personal protection professionals.
Founded by military and law enforcement veterans, we know what it’s like to wear clothing not made for our line of work and how easily it doesn’t fit the mission. Suits in particular rip at the seams, get worn out from firearm and gear friction against the fabric, and just not having pockets or features designed for us. We decided we needed something better and something designed for our mission. We analyzed the types of functions that affect our clothing daily and came up with the top priorities below.
  • Durability - Our suits are made with top of the line abrasion resistant fabrics, double stitched with high tensile strength threads, and added fabric where needed. We’ve looked at where our suits failed us in the past and have tried to address those problems. Nothing is worst than searching a crime scene and bending down to take a photo, only to have the seat of your pants rip in the back at the seam.
  • Designed For Us - Our pockets are positioned for optimal access while wearing a firearm, magazine holder, cuff case, badge, etc. How many times have you had to re-position your load-out just to grab your keys or get your wallet?
  • Unique Features - Our waistbands are designed with extra padding and thicker / longer belt loops (How many of you broke belt loops thanks to your gun belt?). The length of our suits are longer to provide optimal concealment of OWB holsters and equipment, plus designed in such a way the suit doesn’t show patterning. The waistband is further designed for comfort for IWB holsters and better grip for paddle holsters.
  • Pockets Galore - We all love tactical pants and the amount of pockets for all of our stuff, but for suits those pockets are few and far between. We’ve added pockets that make sense for what we do and are designed for that mission in mind. For example a knife/light/magazine pocket in each front pocket just below the pocket line to keep it out of sight, or jacket pockets that hold credentials, cards, note pads, pens, etc. Hidden pockets in the pants and suit to hide a handcuff key, small knife, etc. Lastly our Women’s suits ALL HAVE POCKETS!!! We’ve spoken with our women colleagues and know what they want in a suit, so they’re getting it.
  • Feedback and Criticism - We want to know what you like and dislike. What features you want to see. Our whole concept of a tactical suit was not to make money, but because we wanted something we’d use everyday. Please tell us your thoughts, we’re here for you.


About our Founders:
THOMAS MULHALL - Thomas Mulhall grew up in a military family, his Grandfather and Great Grandfather both fought in World War II and were key figures in his life, where honor, duty, and discipline were drilled into his character. Tom didn’t grow up with wealth and was rather poor, so he understood the value or a hard work ethic. After high school Tom started working Loss Prevention early on in life in the private sector before taking those skills to work fraud investigations for the Navy’s exchange programs. Tom worked for the Navy for 11 years before he accepted a position with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) as a Special Agent. Tom is still an AFOSI Special Agent and works fraud against the Air Force. Tom holds a BS in Computer Studies from University of Maryland University College and a MS in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration on Forensic Science from Saint Leo University. Tom has done countless overseas assignments to Asia and Europe.
YAVETH PARODI - Mr. Parodi holds a Bachelor of Arts both in English and Political Science as well as a Juris Doctor. Based on his work in retail operations ranging from Loss Prevention to Supply Management at various levels for over 5 year for two Major Retail Companies (Best Buy and Kmart), Mr. Parodi excelled in all facets of retail operations to include sales, distribution, and supply logistic. Before earning his Juris Doctor where he served on the Honor Board of a Nationally Ranked Moot Court Body.  Mr. Parodi served in B. Co., 1st PLT, 1/124th INF. in direct operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of a reinforced attachment to the 3rd Armored Cavalry from 2003 – 2004 in Ramadi and Habbaniyah. Currently, Mr. Parodi serves as an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit in Florida. Mr. Parodi is the Vice President of Tactically Suited and heads the administration, legal section, and contracting for the company.