Women's Mark I Tactical Dress Jacket - Bespoke


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Ladies, we heard you loud and clear.  You want regular pockets, belt loops meant to hold a belt and gear, but most important flexible fabric.  Well, we have you covered.

You know what sucks about normal suits you buy at a store?  They breakdown on job when you need them most.  The belt loops break from your gun belt if they are there, there's no support, and worst of all you have to fumble around to get into your pocket (if you have one) because your holster is blocking it.  I hated my old suits that I was constantly replacing or fixing them.  After talking with my brother and sister officers I came up with this suit.  

Our suit is not only made to last due to its higher level durability and quality, its functional for our needs as professionals that carry a gun everyday.  Designed for law enforcement, by law enforcement.  Why not look good and be tactical?  The same suit would cost you over $1,000 at any tailor and not have these features.  The fabric is a polyester blend that unlike our Super wool fabric in our Men's suits provides a degree stretch.


Jacket Features:
- Longer jacket for better concealment
- Spacious interior pockets for cred cases and note pads
- Outer pockets are functional for when you have your hands full and need a quick drop pocket
- Single vent slit in back to prevent your jacket from clinging to your pistol
- Flexible shoulder material on the inside for full movement and proper shooting stance
- Made with durable stretch fabrics that are abrasion resistant against your gear rubbing up on it


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