Corona / Covid 19 Update 16 Oct 20

     Hi All,


           I wanted to let all of our customers know we are praying for a quick resolution to the Corona / Covid 19 virus and hope you and your families are doing well in these troubling times. 


                Here at Tactically Suited we’ve been affected by the virus like many of you in terms of moving into our new home due to delays that are a direct result to the virus earlier this year.  We’ve also seen a slow down in some production by our suppliers and craftsmen due to working with less staff and longer than normal shipping times to get materials in and shipments to our customers.  With all these challenges I wanted to thank those of you who are waiting for orders and your patience as we are doing our best to get them out.  Below is an update on where we are in terms of products.


Leather Goods – Our leathersmith is operating as normal though some slow downs have occurred with shipping supplies in and there has been an earlier uptick in leather goods orders for the holidays, so we can't guarantee arrival of orders prior to Christmas.


Suits and Shirts – All orders are up to date and new orders are being sent out like normal.  As with most things we're seeing delays with shipping.


Custom Goods (Coins, Patches, etc) - Expect some shipping delays.


Stock Goods / On-Site Embroidery - The only delays we've seen is leaving our facility to the customer in some cases.


We highly encourage customers to select UPS Ground or at least USPS Priority for the fastest shipping.  USPS overall has seen delays, especially First Class and lower services. 


                In closing, thank you for your support and patronage.  We will continue to provide the best quality and service we can during these times and please don’t hesitate to reach out if something isn’t right or if you have questions.  We want to especially thank our first responders, medical personnel, truckers, and everyone working harder to ensure we have treatment, safety and supplies during the quarantines and stay at home orders.  Be safe, stay healthy and god bless. -Tom


Very Respectfully,
Thomas Mulhall
Tactically Suited LLC
LEO / Vet Owned and Operated