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Experience the might of airborne firepower with the AC-130 Spooky Mil-Blox Set! Prepare to take command of this iconic aircraft model and plunge into the heart of intense combat scenarios.

This extraordinary set boasts a staggering 1713 pieces, ensuring a satisfying and immersive building process. As you assemble the AC-130 Spooky, you'll witness its intricate features come to life, capturing the essence of this legendary aircraft.

The AC-130 Spooky set goes beyond the aircraft itself. It includes four highly detailed crew members, each poised for action and ready to engage. The addition of a maintenance cart adds realism to your setup, enhancing the overall play experience.


  • Massive Piece Count: With 1713 pieces, this set offers a captivating and challenging building adventure.
  • Realistic Crew Figures: Four crew members contribute authenticity and depth to your missions.
  • Functional Details: Retractable landing gear, working propellers, and movable side cannons bring your aircraft to life.
  • Interactive Play: The working ramps allow you to simulate troop deployment and cargo loading, enhancing the realism.

Whether you're recreating historical moments or unleashing your imagination in epic battles, the AC-130 Spooky Mil-Blox Set is the ultimate tool for aviation enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone who craves action-packed adventures. Elevate your playtime to new heights with this incredible aircraft model.

SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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AC-130 Spooky - Mil-Blox