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Display your pride and allegiance to the Army Criminal Investigation Command with our meticulously crafted CID Belt Buckle. This emblem of honor features the newly updated Army CID Badge at its heart, ensconced by the authoritative Army CID Seal and the prestigious Army Seal. Each detail is expertly rendered on dual gold (the badge and seals will be in gold) and silver plating, ensuring that your buckle not only stands the test of time but also retains its striking appeal.

This belt buckle is more than just an accessory; it's a testament to your dedication and a tribute to the Army CID's legacy. Whether you're in uniform or sporting casual attire, it's an eye-catching piece that speaks volumes about your commitment. Make a bold statement and carry your CID pride wherever you go with this exclusive belt buckle.


  • Expertly crafted with high-quality, durable metal alloy
  • Features the new Army CID Badge at the center
  • Accented with the official Army CID Seal and Army Seal
  • Suitable for standard belt sizes
  • Perfect for uniform and casual wear
  • Long-lasting design ensures durability

Customer Reviews

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Richard SMITH
CID Belt buckle

Great job. I wear mine daily

CID Belt Buckle

Beautifully made. Proudly displayed on my desk. I love it!

Richard SMITH
CID Belt buckle

Very fine job.

Never received

I never received a belt buckle.