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Embark on top-secret missions with the CIA Clandestine Operator by Mil-Blox. This covert and highly skilled figure is equipped with an impressive array of weaponry and gear, ready to execute clandestine operations with precision and stealth.

Armed with an M4 carbine, two sniper rifles, an AK-47, and a shotgun, this operator is prepared for any combat situation. The set also includes essential equipment like the entrenching E-Tool, binoculars, and a radio for effective communication and reconnaissance.

As the master of secrecy and covert tactics, the CIA Clandestine Operator is the ultimate figure to lead missions of strategic importance. Unleash your imagination as you navigate through thrilling espionage, strategic rescues, and stealthy takedowns.


  • CIA Clandestine Operator figure for immersive covert play.
  • Armed with an M4 carbine, two sniper rifles, an AK-47, and a shotgun.
  • Includes entrenching E-Tool, binoculars, and a radio for essential gear.
  • Crafted with durability to withstand intense play sessions and ensure long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Compatible with other Mil-Blox sets and leading block brands, expanding the possibilities of your covert missions.

    This product is recommended for children six years of age and up due to small parts which could present a choking hazard. Parental supervision is strongly encouraged during play.

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    William Smith
    Great little gift

    Something fun for the desk..