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Immerse yourself in the rugged desert terrain with the Desert Outpost and Humvee Mil-Blox set. This exciting playset combines the versatility of a humvee vehicle, the security of a guard tower, and the bravery of two Valor Guard troops to create thrilling military adventures.

Take command of the humvee and navigate the treacherous desert landscape with ease. The sturdy and highly detailed vehicle is built for rugged terrain, allowing you to conquer any obstacle in your path. Equipped with realistic features and functional doors, the humvee offers endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Secure your outpost with the included guard tower. From its elevated position, your Valor Guard troops can keep a watchful eye on the surroundings, ready to defend against any enemy threat. The guard tower is designed with attention to detail, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

With two Valor Guard troops at your command, engage in exciting missions and create epic battle scenarios. Each figure is equipped with authentic weapons and gear, fully prepared to carry out their duty and protect the outpost. Pose and customize the figures to bring your military adventures to life.

Whether you're engaging in reconnaissance missions, defending the outpost, or embarking on daring rescue operations, the Desert Outpost and Humvee set offers endless opportunities for action-packed play. Let your imagination soar as you create thrilling scenarios and immerse yourself in the world of military operations.


  • Includes a highly detailed humvee vehicle for desert operations
  • Features a guard tower for strategic surveillance and defense
  • Comes with two Valor Guard troops equipped with authentic weapons and gear
  • Encourages imaginative play, strategic thinking, and storytelling
  • Compatible with other Mil-Blox sets for expanded play possibilities
  • Provides a thrilling and immersive military play experience
  • 150 Blocks
  • Comes with two Mil-Blox Figures

Join the Valor Guard troops in the desert outpost and embark on exciting military missions. Drive the humvee, man the guard tower, and defend your post with courage and valor. With the Desert Outpost and Humvee Mil-Blox set, the desert becomes your battlefield.

SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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