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Introducing the Ghost of Kyiv PVC Morale Patch - a bold and unique addition to any patch collection. This patch features a fierce skull with a fighter for the nose. The intricate design and high-quality PVC material make this patch a durable and long-lasting accessory for your gear.

But this patch isn't just a stylish accessory - it also makes a powerful statement. The Russian text at the bottom of the patch translates to "Russia Go F*ck Yourself", making it a bold and unapologetic symbol of Ukrainian pride and resistance.

Whether you're a patch collector, a tactical enthusiast, or simply a supporter of Ukrainian independence, this patch is the perfect way to show your support and make a statement. Add the Ghost of Kyiv PVC Morale Patch to your collection today.

This patch is made of PVC material that gives it a great look and is long lasting.  It has Velcro backing for easy attachment to any plate carrier, bag, hat, etc.  Unlike many cheaper PVC patches which are glued to the Velcro, ours are stitched to provide extra durability.

Size: 4"

Customer Reviews

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Kaylee Wise
Great but very sad

This was a fantastic patch. I had placed and order while I was deployed and was able to recieve it stateside a few days after I returned. I was really excited to add this patch to my collection. However, I woke up the next morning and discovered that my dog had ripped it to shreds. It was great while it lasted!

Robin Zartman
Good Quality

Great way to honor the hero of the Ukraine Air Force. Thanks for creating this patch!