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Command the battlefield with the versatile Mil-Blox M1A2 Abrams Tank set. This meticulously designed model, featuring 1463 bricks, allows you to build a highly detailed replica of the formidable M1A2 Abrams Tank or a tracked Humvee with side buildings. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors, this set includes five figures and offers multiple building options, capturing the essence of modern military versatility and power.


  • Highly Detailed Model: Construct a precise and intricate replica of the M1A2 Abrams Tank, showcasing its advanced design and combat capabilities.
  • Versatile Building Options: This set can also be used to build a tracked Humvee with side buildings, providing multiple play and display possibilities.
  • Engaging Building Experience: With 1463 bricks, this set offers a rewarding and detailed building process, ideal for those who enjoy intricate construction.
  • Five Figures Included: Includes five Mil-Blox figures, each with detailed uniforms and gear, enhancing the realism and playability of the completed model.
  • High-Quality Design: Made from durable, mold-injected ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting quality and compatibility with other leading block brands.


  • Number of Pieces: 1463
  • Figures Included: Five Mil-Blox figures


  • Development: The M1A2 Abrams, developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, is an upgraded version of the M1 Abrams tank. It features advanced armor, improved targeting systems, and enhanced firepower, making it one of the most advanced and capable main battle tanks in the world.
  • Role: The Abrams tank serves as a key component of modern armored warfare, providing unmatched firepower, protection, and mobility. It has been deployed in numerous conflicts, demonstrating its effectiveness in a variety of combat scenarios.
  • Significance: The M1A2 Abrams symbolizes modern military innovation and strength, continuing to serve as a crucial asset in the U.S. Army's arsenal. Its advanced features and combat performance have set the standard for main battle tanks globally.

Whether for display, play, or education, the M1A2 Abrams Tank from Mil-Blox offers an unparalleled building experience. Embrace the challenge and add this exceptional and versatile model to your collection today.

SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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