OSI Agent Attire Figure - Male and Female Set - Mil-Blox


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Step into the thrilling world of espionage and law enforcement with the Department of the Air Force OSI Agent Duo Mil-Blox set. Whether you're a budding Special Agent or a collector of thrilling action figures, this set promises to be your portal into a world of intrigue, action, and covert operations.


  • Dynamic Agent Duo: Meet our male and female agents, impeccably dressed in Agent Attire suits, ready to take on the most challenging assignments.
  • Credentials Included: Dive deeper into the world of crime, fraud and espionage with included agent credentials, adding authenticity to your secret missions.
  • Assorted Weapons and Gear: Equip your agents with an impressive array of weapons and law enforcement gear, ensuring they're prepared for any mission.
  • Collector's Dream: This set is not only perfect for imaginative play but also a must-have for collectors who appreciate attention to detail and authenticity.
  • Unlimited Adventures: Fuel your creativity and embark on a myriad of covert missions, espionage, and undercover operations with these elite agents.

*Does not include slow antiquated laptop running I2MS or ORION, coffee / energy drinks (Rip Its, Bang or Reign), and will not be subscribed to OSI Unhinged for career purposes.  (To be clear this is satire in the red :-P) 

Customer Reviews

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James B

As a veteran OSI agent, I purchase them for my daughter and she loves them! She’s an avid Lego builder and is over the moon having the OSI agents to add to some of the builds.

Customer service was excellent!