Reflective Plate Carrier Patch (3"x8") - POLICE FEDERAL AGENT


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As law enforcement officers we know what works in the field and what doesn't, for many years I've always ran through scenarios of what could happen and what does happen based on experience.  One thing I always thought about was why aren't our patches that identify us reflective?  I mean if you're working at night on the side of the road you want to be highly identifiable to passing motorist.  If you're serving a search warrant on a large dark property and entering from multiple points, you don't want to mistake a fellow officer for an armed subject.  This is very true now a days as the possibility of active shooters or terrorist attacks occur more frequently than before and the priority is to engage and neutralize the target immediately.  In these environments we need to be highly visible to prevent blue on blue casualties and be readily identifiable to the public.


PLEASE NOTE:  VERIFICATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AFFILIATION IS REQUIRED.  We will send you an email with 48 hours after purchase with verification instructions.  Thank you.


We at Tactically Suited are proud to present our answer to the concerns above and that is reflective plate carrier patches.  These patches are made with the newest technologies using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material that provides a patch that is not only highly durable, but highly reflective.  We've tested these in pitch black conditions using a simple three "C" cell maglight and while you couldn't see the wearer or even their silhouette, the patch was extremely bright and clear.  See the test for your self:

Dimensions and Features:

- 3 Inches High

- 8 Inches Wide

- Hook Velcro Backing

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Best quality on the market

Made of highly quality material, extremely durable! Size was perfect for vest’s center. Highly recommend this plate carrier patch.