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Embark on an underwater adventure with the Mil-Blox Sturgeon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine set. This intricate and highly detailed model, featuring 1498 blocks, allows you to build a stunning replica of the Sturgeon Class Submarine, renowned for its stealth and power. Designed for master builders, this Legendary Series set includes removable side panels to showcase a detailed interior and launchable Tomahawk missiles, providing an immersive and educational building experience.


  • Detailed Submarine Model: Construct a precise replica of the Sturgeon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine, capturing its advanced design and capabilities.
  • Legendary Series: As part of the Legendary Series, this set is designed for expert builders, offering a challenging and rewarding building experience with 1498 pieces.
  • Removable Side Panels: The set features removable side panels that reveal a detailed interior, allowing for an in-depth exploration of the submarine’s inner workings.
  • Launchable Tomahawk Missiles: Equip your model with launchable Tomahawk missiles, adding an interactive element to the display and play options.
  • Interactive Building Experience: With its high piece count and intricate details, this set provides a deeply engaging building process for military enthusiasts and model builders.


  • Number of Pieces: 1498
  • Weapons/Accessories: Launchable Tomahawk missiles, removable side panels


  • Development: The Sturgeon Class Submarines were developed during the Cold War to enhance the U.S. Navy’s underwater capabilities. Known for their advanced sonar systems and stealth features, they played a crucial role in maintaining maritime dominance.
  • Role: These submarines were designed for a variety of missions, including anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, and strategic strikes with Tomahawk missiles.
  • Significance: The Sturgeon Class Submarines were pivotal during the Cold War, providing the U.S. Navy with unmatched stealth and versatility in underwater operations.

 Whether for display, play, or education, the Sturgeon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine from Mil-Blox’s Legendary Series offers an unparalleled building experience. Embrace the challenge and add this exceptional model to your collection today.


SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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