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Ever buy a shirt and the bust is just right, but the shirt is too short?  Or the sleeves are just right, but you're swimming in it?  How about the fit is great, but it just doesn't fall on your body just right?

We have the solution.  Our fitted shirts are custom made to your specs and personalized for your body.  These shirts are sized to fit YOU.  Not some model, not Brenda, Kelly, or Donna (unless that's your name), YOU.


Not only are these custom fitted for you body, but you have options!!!  Want a certain style?  Perhaps you like a V neck look, or roll up sleeves?  Don't like buttons, no problem.  We can even make it based on a picture of a shirt you like.  The choice is yours. 

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We have over 400 options for fabric choices.  Everything from solids, pinstripes, checkered, plaid, unique patterns, sheer, and even textured options.

Click here to see our shirt fabrics.  If you don't find a fabric you like, send us a picture of one you do and we might be able to match it


We can even personalize it with your monogram.


*Once you have paid for your item, we'll reach out via email within 24 hours with a sizing guide and go over all your options.  Once you submit your sizing guide and are happy with your choices our tailor will begin working on your shirt(s).