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Sail into the epic naval battles of World War II with the Mil-Blox WWII Deutschland Class Battleship set. This meticulously designed model, featuring 1418 blocks, allows you to build a highly detailed replica of the formidable Deutschland Class Battleship. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors, this set includes rotating turrets and a custom display stand, making it a standout piece in any military-themed collection.


  • Detailed Battleship Model: Construct a highly accurate replica of the Deutschland Class Battleship, capturing its iconic design and historical significance.
  • Rotating Turrets: The battleship features rotating turrets, enhancing the realism and interactive play experience.
  • Display Stand: The set includes a custom display stand, perfect for showcasing the completed model as a centerpiece in any collection.
  • Engaging Building Experience: With 1418 pieces, this set offers a rewarding building process, ideal for those who enjoy detailed models and intricate construction.
  • High-Quality Design: Made from durable, mold-injected ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting quality and compatibility with other leading block brands.


  • Number of Pieces: 1418
  • Weapons/Accessories: Rotating turrets, custom display stand


  • Development: The Deutschland Class Battleships were developed in the early 1930s as part of Germany's naval expansion. Known for their heavy armament and speed, they played a crucial role in naval operations during World War II.
  • Role: These battleships served in various roles, including surface raiding and fleet engagements. Their design allowed them to outrun more heavily armed opponents while engaging less heavily armed ships effectively.
  • Significance: The Deutschland Class Battleships are remembered for their strategic impact during World War II, showcasing the innovation and naval engineering prowess of the era. Their service history provides valuable insights into naval warfare tactics and ship design of the time.

Whether for display, play, or education, the WWII Deutschland Class Battleship from Mil-Blox offers an unparalleled building experience. Embrace the challenge and add this exceptional model to your collection today.

SAFETY NOTE:  Choking hazard, small pieces, recommended for children at least 6 years or older. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

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