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Immerse yourself in the intense battles of World War II with the Mil-Blox WWII Japanese Heavy Infantry Six Man Squad set. This comprehensive set, featuring meticulously designed figures and accessories, allows builders to recreate the formidable Japanese infantry forces, complete with a variety of equipment and vehicles.


  • Detailed Figures: Set includes six highly detailed Japanese troops:
    • One Officer
    • Artillery Soldier
    • Infantry Soldier
    • Medic
    • Wounded Infantryman
    • Sniper
  • Authentic Accessories: Comes with an extensive array of accessories:
    • Sandbags for realistic battlefield fortifications
    • Motorcycle with Sidecar for quick mobility
    • Horse to add historical accuracy
    • Large Assortment of Guns and Equipment including rifles, pistols, and other essential gear


  • Japanese Infantry in WWII: The Imperial Japanese Army infantry played a crucial role in the Pacific Theater, known for their discipline, bravery, and strategic use of terrain.
  • Equipment and Tactics: Japanese infantry soldiers were equipped with a range of weapons, including the Arisaka rifle, Type 99 light machine gun, and various grenades. They were adept at using natural cover and fortifications like sandbags to enhance their defensive positions.
  • Motorcycle and Horse Usage: Motorcycles with sidecars provided mobility for officers and messengers, while horses were used for transport in difficult terrains, highlighting the diverse logistics of the Japanese forces.

Step into the historical battles of World War II with the WWII Japanese Heavy Infantry Six Man Squad set from Mil-Blox. Perfect for display, play, or education, this detailed set offers a rewarding building experience and a deep dive into military history. Add this exceptional set to your collection today.

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